4 benefits of slow racket restring can help you play badminton better

4 benefits of slow racket restring can help you play badminton better


A perfect badminton string surface of your racket provide not only high accurate shots but also a repulsive power with a high clear sound. However, doing a marvelous restring job requires a lot of techniques. The most important one is SLOW stretching process. This means badminton restring technician pulls each string over 4 - 5 seconds before moving to the next string.

SLOW racket restring process gives you 4 obvious benefits listed below:

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1. Your shot is more powerful - Because of empty racket before restring

2. Your shuttle trajectory is more accurate - Because string tension remains longer

3. Focus more on your game - Feel trusted that your racket frame is safe and keep its original shape

4. Saving money and time of your next re-string because the string durability is very high - Enjoy playing badminton

1. Your shot is more powerful because the string reaches to your required tension

Empty racket before restring

In many international badminton tournaments, stringesr or restring tenicians always put empty rackets on the machine. NO string preweaved racket.

Pros: This won't damage the string when pulling. That's why the technician pulls every string equal amount of force. Giving the string surface correct required tension. You can smash or hit clear shot more powerful.

Cons: take more time to finish one racket. On average around 40 minutes per racket

empty racket before stringing average 40 minutes per racket

Why NOT Pre-Weave or Pre-String?

Pros: stringer saves their time to string your racket carelessly as fast as they can. you can also pick it up instantly within 10-15 minutes

Cons: stringer damaged the string. String is twisted. String is very easy to break in a short period of time. In addition, string surface does not reach required tension. You can not hit powerful shots with the bad string surface.

This 2 images below is Preweave (or Pre-String) Technique:

prestring or preweave takes around 10 minutes per racket

stringer damaged the string while prestring. string is twisted. Easy to break. String surface doesn't reach the required tension

2. Your shuttle trajectory is more accurate  - because the string remains its tension longer

During the stringing process, a decent stringer will pull the string and stretch the string for at least 4 seconds before going to the next string. This takes more time but the stringer is obviously letting the string absorb to the required tension.

SLOW pulling each string is the main reason that your string surface is tense and bouncy with excellent accuracy. Your defensive shot and drop shot will be much more controllable and more effective.

Stringers only stretch each string around 1-2 seconds in the FAST and LOW COST restring service. It takes around 10 minutes to finish one racket. This will affect the string surface and your performance on badminton court.

badminton restring technician pulls and waits for at least 4 seconds before going to the next string. each string gets the correct tension

3. Focus more on your game - Always trusted that your racket frame is safe and sound with latest modern stringing techniques

A good place to string your racket always applies latest stringing method to your racket. So you can receive your racket back with its original shape. You can play with your beloved racket with its full technologies and potential.

In the modern restring, technicians will stretch the main strings or straight strings first from middle to the side is the MUST.

ABC 2 knots and Yonex standard 4 knots both apply this from begining. 

Yonex standard 4 knots, stringer will string the cross strings from bottom up. This, in my opinion, gives you a correct smash if you usually hit the shuttle just a little bit above the sweetpot.

ABC 2 knots, stringer will do the cross strings from middle zone. This help your racket string tension remains longer than usual. This increase your playability over a long usage period of time.

ABC Sport recommend you NOT to do the old stringing method from 18th centery. Stringer do main strings from one rear side to the other side. This will make your racket frame unbalanced and weaken overtime.

You can know which type of method that your racket restring in this picture below, the shorter the outer frame string the better method you get.

4. Enjoy playing badminton - Saving money and time of your next re-string because the string durability is very high

Many customers come to us to get the best restring service. Maybe you are just like them. You were suffered from a bad restring place. Your strings move around just after one week.

You can save your money and time to of your next restring because of our slow stringing process avg 40 mins per racket. We give you minimum damage strings. Therefore, you have longer string tension at the sweetpot area. Everytime you hit the shuttle, you create a increadibly powerful shot. We give you 100% safe warranty on your original racket frame after restring. The frame shape will be remain the same or just change slightly as little as possible.

You can enjoy playing badminton more. You don't have to worry about your string does it get enough tension or does it remain its power enough?

Bring your racket to us as soon as you feel you don't have enough power in your shot.


Normal Re-String

SLOW Re-String



Empty frame

Each String Strecth Time

1-2 seconds

4-5 seconds

Completion Time

15 minutes

45 minutes

String Shape

Damaged. Twisted. Scratched

NO or Little damaged

String Surface Tension

Less than required

Absorb full required tension

Tension Loss Time


1-2 weeks


over 4 weeks

String Durability


less than 1 month


over 2 months

User Casual Players Badminton Lovers


We just update your SLOW restring service price. We also offer a great deal when you book more than 1 time restring.

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