Update new badminton racket re-string service price at ABC Sport 2019

Update new badminton racket re-string service price at ABC Sport 2019


To provide high quality re-string service to you, our beloved customers. After researching our customers' feedbacks, ABC Sport is glad to inform you a marvelous price for a best stringing service in 2019

ABC Sport - Professional Re-string Service
Your shot is more powerful because the string is stretched to your required tension
Your shuttle trajectory is more accurate because the string remains its tension longer
Focus more on your game - Always trusted that your racket frame is safe and sound with latest modern stringing techniques
Enjoy playing badminton - Saving money and time of your next re-string because the string durability is very high



Stringing Fee Included

Pro70 Durable 120,000 ₫
BG 65 Durable 130,000 ₫
BG 65 Ti Durable 150,000 ₫
Lining No.1 Power 200,000 ₫
BG68 Power 200,000 ₫
BG80 Power 200,000 ₫
BG66U Power 220,000 ₫
BG66F Power 230,000 ₫
BG80P Power 220,000 ₫
NG95 Durable 220,000 ₫
NG99 Control 230,000 ₫
NG98 Power 250,000 ₫
AS Power 270,000 ₫
AB/AB+ Control 270,000 ₫

COMBO 3 times saves you 30,000vnd in totalABC Sport also provides COMBO 3, COMBO 7 and COMBO Diamond x5 to you for saving money on discount. 

COMBO 7 times saves you 140,000 vnd in total

Diamond x5 times any string - Price: 2.000.000 vnd gives you 1st priority, free delivery, free changing grommets

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